Fertility Preservation

Fertility preservation is an option for women who want to have a baby but can’t – for whatever reason – have a baby right now.

Fertility preservation can be conducted for social or medical reasons. Social fertility preservation is conducted when social circumstances don’t support having a child during your optimal reproductive years. It may be due to a relationship breakdown, a partner not being ready, wanting to travel, financial concerns or career inflexibility. Social fertility preservation takes the form of egg freezing which is conducted in association with Genea.

Medical fertility preservation is conducted when there’s a reason that fertility, whilst currently possible, is likely to end prematurely. It may be due to a cancer that requires treatment with chemotherapy that will severely damage the ovaries, a severe autoimmune disease that requires treatment with chemotherapeutic agents, a genetic condition known to be associated with premature ovarian insufficiency, or history of excision of ovarian cysts causing ovarian damage with a high risk of recurrence. Note, for women with a new diagnosis of cancer, there may be only a short window in which fertility preservation is possible, therefore urgent fertility preservation consultations are available in this situation (usually within 24 hours) – phone my secretary on +612 9099-1792 and advise her you require an urgent consultation for fertility preservation and also email hello@DrRachaelRodgers.com.au with your contact details.