Fertility preservation prior to cancer treatment

If you have recently been diagnosed with cancer and you are concerned that your cancer treatment will destroy or impair your fertility, the good news is that it may be possible to either preserve your fertility prior to the commencement of your cancer therapy, or to reduce the impact of chemotherapy.

The aim of fertility preservation is to optimise your chances of a future pregnancy without interfering with your cancer treatment.

Fertility preservation may involve the storage of eggs or embryos prior to chemotherapy. It may involve a monthly injection to effectively ‘shut down’ your ovaries during chemotherapy to minimise the damaging impact of chemotherapy on your ovaries. Alternatively it might involve surgically moving the ovaries out of the field of focused pelvic radiotherapy, or surgically removing some ovarian tissue for cryopreservation with a plan to re-transplant back your own ovarian tissue after completion of cancer therapy. If you have an oestrogen receptor positive breast cancer, we have medications available to lower oestrogen levels during ovarian stimulation for egg freezing.

It is important to consult with a fertility specialist with experience in fertiity preservation without delay, as there may only be a brief window in which fertility preservation is possible.

Urgent fertility preservation consultations can usually be arranged within 24 hours of making contact. To make contact, phone my secretary on +612 9099-1792 and advise her that you need an urgent consultation for fertility preservation. She will contact me directly and we will arrange an appointment. Also send an email with your contact details to hello@DrRachaelRodgers.com.au, providing basic details of your diagnosis, proposed treatment and cancer specialist.